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The ministries of St. Francis of Assisi are diverse and designed to meet the needs of the parishioners and the community in which they serve.
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist


This ministry provides a spiritual and sacramental lifeline to community members who cannot attend Mass because of hospitalization, serious illness, pregnancy, injury or similar circumstance. In keeping with the Gospel of Matthew’s admonition to care for those who are sick or imprisoned, St. Francis ministers to the homebound deliver communion and fellowship to parishioners at their homes, hospitals and nursing homes.
Ladies of the Altar Sodality
The Ladies Altar Society is a service group comprised of and open to all women of the parish.  They are the hands of Mary.  They do much more than just taking care of the Altar, which includes the flowers, linens, vestments, altar server albs, and candles. They also work to help serve the needs of the parish.  They do this by:
  • Providing luncheons for the bereaved after each funeral
  • Furnishing the vestments and altar cloths
  • Decorate the church for special feast days​
They also raise funds through bake sales that are held during the Spring and Summer months.  They also host the Men and Women of the Bible event that is held each year in July, please sure to check back for more information. 

The Lectors is instituted to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture with the exception of the Gospel. He or she may announce the intentions for the Universal Prayer and in the absence of the psalmist, recite the Psalmist between the readings.

Vir Nobilis
The Vir Nobilis is an organization that is comprised of the men of the parish.  Their goal is to ensure that the landscaping and maintenance needs of the parish are met. They also provide financial support.
Ministry of Music
Music ministry is one of the most vital ministries in the church. Our minister of music is none other than Jonathan Braxton who is featured in the below video as part of the Gospel Music Workshop Conference.

St. Francis ushers prepare for the services and special events, ensuring that ample Missalettes and hymnals are available for the congregation's use. For special events, ushers may rope off reserved seats or parking spaces. After services, ushers walk the pews to collect Missalettes and return them to their proper locations.  They facilitate the church offering process.
About St. Francis Youth

St. Francis' Catholic Church Youth Ministry aims to foster encounters for teens with Christ and His Church, walk with them as His disciples, and equip them to be sent out as His apostles.
During the school year, we offer regular meetings and activities for our students.  Please be sure to visit us on Sunday in February to see our Youth celebrate their history.
Altar Servers
The altar servers during each celebration of the Eucharist assists the priest with the Liturgy.  The server should be at least in the third grade and adults are able to serve provided they are in good standings with the church.

Parish Council


This ministry works closely with the priest in planning, organizing, coordinating and evaluating the pastoral programs and activities of the parish.
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